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DcmiTerms: contributor: Bettina Leitnercontributor: Gisela Kitzlercontributor: Ines Ben-Brahimcontributor: Veronika Ritt-Benmimouncoverage: Republic of Tunisiacoverage: Tunesische Republikcoverage: Tuniscoverage: Karlheinz Mörthcreator: Stephan Procházkacreator: 2017-10-16T13:44:45Zdescription: Dictionary accompanying the TuniCo corpus. The dictionary was not only built on data from the corpus of spoken language that was compiled in the same project, but also on a range of additional sources: data elicited from complementary interviews with young Tunisians and lexical material taken from various published historical sources dating from the middle of the 20th century and earlier.format: application/xmlidentifier: TuniCo DataisPartOf: VICAV dictionariesisPartOf: Deutschlanguage: Englischlanguage: Englishlanguage: Französischlanguage: Frenchlanguage: Germanlanguage: Tunesisch-Arabischlanguage: Tunisian Arabiclanguage: allemandlanguage: anglaislanguage: françaislanguage: tunisienmodified: 2021-08-05T12:29:11.468699publisher: ARCHEpublisher: CC BY 4.0rights: CC BY 4.0rightsHolder: Austrian Academy of SciencesrightsHolder: Österreichische Akademie der WissenschaftenrightsHolder: Republic of Tunisiaspatial: Tunesische Republikspatial: Tunisspatial: polyglot dictionarytemporal: 20th/21st centuriestitle: dc_aeb_eng: A Machine-readable Dictionary of Tunis Arabictype: Datasettype: Datensettype: Datasettype: Datenset